These 10 Photos Of Children Playing from Around World Are Too Adorable. OMG

No matter where you are in the world, if there are , there are smiles, giggles, happiness and joy. Each one of these photos was taken by different photographers in different locations. Each photo perfectly expresses the magic and wonder of being a child. You won’t find any iphones, ipads, or video games yet these children have the widest, most amazing expressions of joy. Click on each photo to learn more about the photographers and view their Flickr portfolios.

little monks playing in the afternoon
Little monks playing in South Sikkim, India

Children at Play
There’s nothing like running through a water fountain on a hot day in the summer. This photo was taken at Janss Mall, Interactive Fountain in Thousand Oaks, CA

Boy Plays with Bicycle Wheel in Iran
Boy races down the beach with his wheel in Iran

Syrian refugee children play with one another in the Ketermaya refugee camp
These girls are so sweet and loving to each other. Photo take at Ketermaya refugee camp in Beirut, Lebanon

I believe I can fly
Girl flipping upside down in Door County Wisconsin

Children playing in Havana, Cuba
Two boys turn a crate and some string into a fun game in Cuba

Ground surfing game, Kashmir, India
Engineering minded kids in Kashmir, India race down the hill on homemade skateboards. I want one.

Madagascar Kids 17
A little boy is camera shy, while these three beauties are all smiles in Madagascar as they stilt walk on cans.

A mesmerizing photo of a little girl hula hooping

At play
Local Mon children play a skipping game outside of their home in Sangkhlaburi, western Thailand near the Burmese border

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