What This 5th Grade School Counselor Does In Her Spare Time Will Surprise And Delight You

After surviving Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Nadine Lucas, a school counselor for children in grades kindergarten to fifth, found healing through making mandalas, doodling, collage, and art journaling. Her art expresses her healing journey and shows hope and joy as well as the pain, sorrow and fear that she was releasing. Her stunning art work sears through your soul and speaks volumes on the power of love. Her triumph over PTSD is amazing. It’s clear that Nadine has done great healing and is empowering others by sharing her magnificent artwork.


Came to Believe

pink and purple 001

Moon Magic

still blue

I am One

still lonely

The Difference is U

Breathe Mandala

The Difference is U

Self Soothing

Art is a powerful transformation tool that helps us express the pain and sorrow that lurks beneath our consciousness and allows a safe way to release it.  Below are a resources to help you explore using mandalas and art for healing.

View more of Nadine’s incredible artwork on Flickr.

All images on this page are copyright by Nadine Lucas and taken from her public Flickr portfolio.

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