“A new consciousness is to be created that will combine  the accomplishments of the mind and the deep wisdom  of the heart, which is the key to a prosperous and  sustainable future for all.”  ~13 Indiginous Grandmothers

Ancestors Calling is a website dedicated to exploring the many facets of magic and wonderment that exists on the earth. Our goal is to celebrate all of the people that are coming together in an effort to heal our planet and each other. We want to share the stories that main stream media tends to ignore. Most are feel good stories that make your smile or inspirational stories that inspire you to expand, some teach you skills long forgotten, while others are sad and poignant but necessary to look at. We hope to share stories of the everyday warriors who dedicate their lives to making a difference.

We also want to let you know that, YES, we are biased and our stories are slanted towards connecting our global community and expressing the abundant flow of love that exists on our planet. What that means is that:

  • We believe in equality for all.
  • We believe that climate change is real and we have the power to change our destructive behaviors towards ourselves, each other, all of nature, and the planet.
  • We believe most of our global issues stem from people’s disconnection with each other and nature. When they restore those connections, they will heal and so will the world we live in.
  • We believe that God, Great Spirit, Allah, the Universe, or whatever you call the loving mystery that surrounds us, is speaking to us all the time and guiding us to find our commonality.
  • We believe that there are many paths to God and not just one path so while we may feature various religious or spiritual beliefs, we will never force one belief on you, nor do we want anyone to force their beliefs on us. What that means is if we offend you, we are sorry, don’t take it personal. We are simply sharing the messages of our global community. Some of these voices often go unheard or are ignored. Sometimes these messages will be out of your comfort zone.
  • We believe in mystery and magic.
  • We believe in the power of love.
  • We believe in the power of prayer and that collectively, our prayers are more powerful.
  • We believe that our planet is moving from the love of power to the power of love. We want to celebrate, share, and document our own evolution and global expansion.
  • We believe that nature is our friend and that we are the caretakers of our world. It’s time we start doing a better job and use our voices to speak out about injustices.
  • We believe our ancestors are calling to us to come together, to reconnect to our beautiful home we call earth, and to become one global family that is united in love. When we do that we will be unable to judge and condemn. We will be unable to destroy or kill and we will do everything possible to make this world a better place for all.

Thanks for joining us. We hope you share our stories of love, hope, and inspiration.