You Won’t Believe How Much Money Palau Raised To Protect Marine Life In The Western Pacific

, “One of the Last Great Places On Earth”, an island country located in the western Pacific Ocean takes the health of the ocean very serious. In 2009, they were the first country to establish the world’s first shark sanctuary. Now, there are 10 countries and 4.9 million square miles of shark sanctuary in the world.

Recently, in response to the ongoing environmental crisis impacting our world’s oceans and killing sea life including coral reefs, Palau is leading the charge to create  a safety zone the size of France where the ocean can recuperate, renew, and heal. Large scale protection of an ocean by a country has never been implemented and Palau believes they are setting precedence that many countries will follow in the future.

On October 13, 2014, Stand with Palau secured $118,048 through crowd funding. This money will aid the country in starting the process of the waters around Palau. Italy also pledged its support of the marine sanctuary, proving that Palau is not alone in their efforts. Below are a few facts on why a marine sanctuary is necessary.

Palau’s archipelago spans hundreds of islands spread across the north-western Pacific ocean, and is home to:

  • More than 1,300 species of fish
  • 700 species of coral
  • An estimated 130 species of rare sharks and stingrays
  • The world’s only Jellyfish Lake, full of millions of stingless jellyfish (Source: Stand with Palau)

In time we will see how Palau progresses but already they have proven they care about our waters and will do what is necessary to protect them. Learn more about the National Marine Sanctuary by checking out the sources at the bottom of the page.


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