What Happens When You Give Kids Permission To Be Kind? This Mom Did And The Results Were Amazing

Kindness in Chalk

Source: Fox 9 News

Inspired by her 2-year’s chalk art and the smiles it drew from strangers, Nicki Brunner of Mini Mama Adventures, hatched an idea to spread joy and support National Bullying Awareness Month. On September 30, with her school principal’s permission, she launched the Kindness in Chalk campaign. Her idea which she shared on her blog was simple yet powerful:

We (and hopefully YOU) are going to spread kindness by covering the sidewalks of school grounds with positive words, phrases, quotes and images that speak of love, peace, hope and acceptance with the intention of bringing smiles to kids’ faces after a long week or challenging them to pay a beautiful act of kindness forward.”

On the day, she pushed the publish button, she had no idea how impactful her idea would be. She didn’t know that 74 schools would jump on board, load their kids up with colorful chalk and watch them spread kindness all over town. But that’s exactly what happened and her video below is the proof.

Before you go, think about this:

  • How many people must have smiled looking at all of those kind words?
  • How many people are feeling inspired and grateful just for learning about her campaign?
  • Have you marked your calendar to participate in Kindness in Chalk next year?

Nicki says keep the momentum going by checking out these resources:

Wait one more thing, we think Nicki’s idea is amazing, brilliant and so powerful. We can’t wait to participate next year and hopefully, we’ll be seeing more of these kind messages popping up all over the place. Yet, we can’t stop thinking that  just like Nicki, you have many great ideas inside you. When you get them, we hope you remember Nicki and listen to your inner voice and go for it. It might be scary but you’ll be surprised at how impactful you can be!

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

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