Mangy Dog Who Had Given Up Hope Rescued From Trash Pile. Happy Ending!

Before, you watch this grab your tissues because you are going to need them. This sweet darling was left to fend for herself in a huge pile of trash. She was cover with sores, parasites, and barely able to walk when for Paws found her. There wasn’t much fight left in her and truthfully, she probably wouldn’t have lived much longer in her condition. Miraculously, team Hope for Paws found her before anything worse happened and transported her to the local vets. What happens afterwards is so touching, you’ll be lucky you had those tissues ready.

Wow, that Hope for Paws team is truly amazing. What they do is what we at Ancestors Calling, call answering the call. It’s obvious that they were born to help in need. We are so grateful that there are people out there like Hope for Paws that spend their days find animals in need, loving them, them, and helping them find happiness.

If you were touched by this video, we hope that you’ll go learn more about Hope for Paws. This amazing organization is based out of Los Angeles, California and is run by the Hagar’s, who what they do.

Audrey and Eldad Hagar have been fostering hundreds of animals in their home for the past eight years. They created Hope for Paws to help animals in this country who suffer and die every year because of negligence and abuse. They also created a huge network of rescuers from all over the world on their Facebook pages.

Hope for Paws is always showing videos of their dog rescues and have a very loyal following on Youtube, Facebook, & Twitter. Just remember, they don’t get paid to rescue dogs, so if you are able, your donation is needed so more dogs like Holly can be saved and found a good home. ┬áDon’t forget you probably have an animal rescue that’s doing what Hope for Paws is near you. They may not get the publicity but they deserve your help too.

Source: Hope for Paws

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