Phenomenal Singer Believes In Us, Find Out What She Thinks We Are Capable Of

Heal this Land by Tina Malia

The fires are burning

So reach for me
Like the petals of a rose
Bloom in it’s season
Gentle and slow
My body is the mountain
The ocean, the river
The sand and the soil
The life giver
So come on now, my friend
Speak to me
Help me understand
Let us walk together
Take my hand
And we will heal this land

We will heal this land

Do you hear the call?
We will heal this land

If you could only believe

Maybe it’s our name, Ancestors Calling, or the fact that we really want to make the world a better place, either way, WE BELIEVE that we can HEAL THIS LAND. Of course we do, that’s what this entire website is about and Tina is a perfect example of the type of person, we want to showcase! Her songs are filled with positive messaging. She walks the walk, and talks the talk. If you dig this website, we know you’ll love Tina’s music so hop over to her Facebook page, like it and get to know her better. You’ll be glad you did.

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