A Powerful Fire Making Technique That Anyone Can Master Using A Bow Drill

Have you wondered what it is like to start a fire with sticks? It sounds so rustic, yet the experience if you’ve ever had it, is one of the most empowering that you can have. Using natural materials to get a hot coal which is then used to catch a bundle of highly flammable materials on fire is one of the most natural and primal acts that you can do. It’s also one that will stay with you and empower you forever.

When it comes to primitive fire making techniques, there are many options to explore. However, the primitive bow drill is one of the easiest to master and one that can be done alone or in tandem. The following video put together by the Maine Primitive Skills School is a great overview of this technique.

Source: MPSS’s Youtube Channel

After watching, we hope you will be inspired to start making fires on your own. Great, just remember that making primitive fire is not as easy as using a lighter and really depends on how good your form is, how much pressure you use, and your persistence. If you don’t get smoke or a coal at first, keep practicing and if necessary, find a local survival, rewilding, or primitive skills school to learn from a local expert. If you are in New England, the Maine Primitive Skills School is a great place to start. They’ll even create a custom course for your school, organization, or business. If you aren’t local to New England, search online for the closest school near you.

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