Tim Flach’s Soulful Photos of Animals Will Change The Way You Experience Nature

The exotic yet soulful art work of Tim Flach demands us to look closely at nature in a way that we never have before. Each photo is thought provoking, pulling us in and empowering us to see ourselves in his subjects. There is a an intimacy and beauty that can not be ignored.


With over two decades of experience photographing exotic animals, Flach has a way of capturing them like no other photographer has before. Each image radiates a human-like presence that makes you stop in your tracks to explore, wonder, and fall in love with the model. This is purely intentional on his part.

flach sea life


How does he work this magic?

By focusing on the subtle details of each subject, Flach’s zeros in on their uniqueness and captures characteristics that we typically associate with being human. Flach wants us to become invested and question our relationship to animals. He wants us to focus on the imperfections, the flaws, the smiles, the soulful eyes, and allow them to speak to us, to engage us.

Flach insect


When we find our commonality, we find compassion.

When we find compassion, we stop abusing and mistreating others. Flach uses this basic idea and his photographs to empower us to see nature differently. He is a master in the art of bringing nature to life in a way that mirrors humanity. His images beckon us to see: joy, sadness, silliness, seriousness, love, and beauty in the natural world. He encourages us to feel compelled to protect nature and all her creatures. This is the beauty of his photos. He doesn’t need words to get you to react with emotion to his subjects, just a camera and a model that you can’t not fall in love with.

Flach panda


Flach flying owl photo


flach serious gorilla


flach angel wings photo




ancestors orangutans

These orangutans look like old souls beckoning us to take better care of our planet.

We can’t get enough of Flach’s work and wonder what you think when you view his photos? Do you have a favorite? Do they make you look at nature differently? Share your thoughts about this incredible artist.

Source: Tim Flach – More Than Human Gallery
All photos on this page are copyright of Tim Flach

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