You Wouldn’t Imagine Ever Trying This Wild Edible But When You Do You’ll Be Amazed

Would you eat acorns? Arthur Haines explains why you should start.

Are you planning on stealing my food?

Eating wild foods is something that all cultures across the world have traditionally done. Yet after industrialization, getting food to feed your family became so simple and easy, it’s no wonder many of us have stopped hunting and foraging for native foods.

Yet times are changing, now there is a global movement called rewilding, where people are getting reacquainted with foods and activities that were most likely an everyday part of our ancestors lives. In North America, one of these wild edibles is acorns.

Yes, we said acorns.

Now before you turn your nose at this abundant source of nutrition, why don’t you watch this video by Arthur Haines, a Maine botanist who actually eats acorns as an everyday part of his diet. Arthur knows a lot about acorns and why you might want to start crawling around the woods with the squirrels and chipmunks looking for these tasty treats.

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Let us know if you try acorns or eat any other wild edibles. We always like to hear your stories.

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